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SweeTooth Design Company newly designed illustrations called “TEA SETS.” They are neatly layout of specialized tea ware in different styles. TEA SETS will be available here:

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pao986 replied to your photo“In regards to your enquiry about where to go for the best water for…”

Hi! thank you for this post! actually when I went to London I didn’t drank tea ‘cause at that time I didn’t like the taste of it (I was young and silly), but now I can’t wait to go to the UK again (and drink tea in Wales and Scotland).
You’re welcome! Actually, the first time I went to England I didn’t drink tea either. We are both wiser now.
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The brand of tea I buy is called Traditional Yorkshire Tea and is does one for hardwater. It makes a world of difference to the flavour :) .

I would be extremely interested in trying that tea. When I get home from work I’ll see if I can buy some in a way that doesn’t involve buying a billion tea bags via Amazon.

… I should probably figure out what the water in my area is, too, ha.

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In regards to your enquiry about where to go for the best water for tea, I found you this handy map!

(sorry, I couldn’t find a source for it!)

On the list of things I wasn’t aware of but sound pretty straight forward now that I know: “Coffee can develop a bitter undertone when brewed with hard water, and delicate green teas can end up with a completely flavour altogether.” Thank you, google machine.

Looks like I should check out Wales or Scotland then. I have not yet been to either.

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London tea has a very distinct taste, regardless of the kind of tea you use. But it really doesn’t have the best water for tea. You have to go further north for that.
Anywhere in particular? I am always open to new travel destinations. 
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The first cup of tea I make after visiting London is always a little disappointing, but mmmm tea.

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hii I'm just wondering what your favorite brand of tea is?
mrstea asked

Twinings! Largely because it was the first tea I fell in love with — growing up, the only tea available to me was Lipton, which is like black dust in a bag, so Twinings did my mouth a huge favor in life.

And I’ve visited their shop in London, they have an amazing little tea bar and are fairly accommodating to tourists who basically want to taste everything. :)